Checkin (Web, Hard, 500 pts)

Author: Mikhail Driagunov (@aethereternity), Alexander Menshchikov (@n0str)

We have a new assignment for you, agent.

As you of course know, your metadata is being tracked and kept, your every phone call, your every move is being logged.

Agencies use centralized data collection and mass surveillance systems to gather massive records on everyone.

Your target today is Mr. Flag Flagger

The target recently took a flight, and we need to know where he departed from. This info is surely in the centralized air traffic surveillance system. Breach the system and find us the originating flight for Flag Flagger.

Air transportation companies such as blzh airlines are known to report all their passengers to the central surveillance system.

And they have a cool self check-in service! :3

Added at 21:50 — performance of the task has been improved, which may help solving it